Monday, 25 May 2009

7 Days & Counting

This is the first blog in my new role as Director of Eden River Trust. I still have seven days to go until I start but I'm so excited I just had to put keyboard to blog!

I will be joining a team of staff and trustees that are highly motivated and dedicated to conserving this very special catchment.

The Eden and its tributaries are some of the most beautiful rivers and streams in the country. However there are many threats and issues to be dealt with to ensure a rosy future for this most special of catchments.

I'm really looking forward to the challenges ahead and if I'm honest just more than a little worried that I meet everyones expectations and aspirations. Being the new boy is never easy and I have much to learn. Over the coming weeks and months I will regularly post blogs to let you know how I am getting on and on the work of ERT.

If you'd like to support the Trust visit Eden Rivers Trust