Monday, 12 July 2010

I 'CAN' stand the rain........

Well..... we have had some rain at last...but not nearly enough!

Levels on the rivers and major lakes in the catchment have risen by a few inches or so. We now have a hosepipe ban in place and are being asked to conserve water wherever we can.

This is all well and good but my major worry is that drought events are likely occur more often and with increased severity. If we accept this 'climate change scenario' surely we should be having a serious debate about long-term water usage and conservation. We have now reached a point in time where reactive measure are simply not good enough and we must be taking a long term view on the sustainability of supplies for both private and business users. It is not simply a case of hitting water companies over the head with a big stick. We are all voracious consumers of a very precious resource that in my opinion we have learnt to take far too much for granted. Some painful and potentially costly decisions may have to be agreed if we want to keep taps running.