Monday, 25 October 2010

Grayling are go!

The Eden Grayling season is now well underway, with some very good catches already reported on the lower river. I fished last week and despite very windy conditions, managed to winkle some very good quality fish to both Duo Rig and Klink n Dink. The cold weather will possibly slow things down a bit but a few days of settled high pressure should see things come good again.

Flies are very much a personal choice - however any shrimp patterns dubbed with Sow Scud seem to work very well for me.

A small tungsten nymph suspended under a big Klinkhammer also works very well in nice pacy but steady runs. Green dubbing with a copper head has been good to me...but what do I know!?

You can access some very good and affordable grayling fishing through our Go Wild Scheme

Go on give it go before the Winter sets in!