Friday, 25 February 2011

Put The 'Fly' back into your Fly Fishing

I'm excited........I've just booked a place on what I hear is a very good course run by the Freshwater Biological Association - 'Entomology For Anglers'.

The two tutors running the course Stuart Crofts and Andrew Dixon have few equals when it comes to this subject.

The purpose of this course is to increase fly fishers’ understanding of entomology, which could
make a big difference to their catch. Understanding the life cycle of the flies that are being imitated helps better decisions to be made on what a fish is feeding on, when and where that
type of food will be available, and how best to represent that food form. The course will describe certain aspects of the natural fly which can be incorporated into imitations, explain why some flies are more significant than others and why some important flies are often neglected by anglers. It will also involve a field visit to a river site to collect some of the species the fly-fisher

This will be followed by practical advice on how to identify them under the microscope. Anglers Stuart Crofts and Andrew Dixon, have both fished for England at national and international level and have studied entomology for many years.

Three courses are being run at;

Saturday 9th April at Scottish Centre for Ecology and the Natural Environment (SCENE), University of Glasgow, Loch Lomond

Saturday 21st May at the FBA River Laboratory, Dorset

Saturday 28th May at FBA Windermere, Cumbria.

I've been lucky enough to fish with Stuart quiet a few times over the years and his enthusiasm and knowledge of entomology changed my whole approach and understanding of fly fishing.

I can't wait!