Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Meet The Neighbours

Last night I visited Nick Chilsolm of the Annan Fisheries Board. A number of Fisheries Trusts in the area all drain into the Solway Firth and we all fall within the boundaries of the Solway Tweed River basin Plan (Water Framework Directive). This 'mega' piece of European legislation will be hitting a river near you soon. Many organisations share concerns regarding the plans content and lack of ambition. However, here at ERT we feel it represents a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to work with others to try and address many of the catchment driven issues that directly affect our precious wild rivers. To this end I am trying to set-up a support group of other rivers trusts, north and south of the boarder. This will hopefully create a forum where we can discuss best practice and issues and may even allow co-ordinated lobbying if things need to be addressed. The emphasis of the group would be to very much work in partnership with our colleagues at SEPA, Natural England and the Environment Agency. The other vital stakeholders in the mix are the myriad of other user groups including fishing interests and other access based organisations and groups who rely of healthy rivers.

I will report on progress.

I finished the evening by sampling the wild trout fishing the Annan has to offer and was rewarded with a fabulous 2lb 4oz wild fish on a spinner pattern I had tied the previous evening. It doesn't come much better than that!